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    Milk Powder For Cream Chou Cake
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    1. Ingredients: Wheat flour, baking powder.

    2. Instructions:

         Mix powder for cream chou cake: 200g

         Add: - Water: 340ml

                 - Cooking oil: 240g

                 - Chicken egg: 6 eggs

         Step 1: Boil the mixture of water and cooking oil on medium fire for 5 minutes. Slowly pour mix powder for cream chou cake into the mixture while stirring evenly for 1 - 2 minutes, then put off the fire and take the bowl off (1)

         Step 2: Put the egg content into (1) while beating it using the whisk at highest speed until the mixture becomes homogeneous and thickened.

         Step 3: Put the mixture in the triangular bag and make shape. Bake the mixture at 200oC for about 25 minutes.



    - Giving softness, delicious taste, natural flavor and nutrutional enrichment.