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    Muffin cake mix
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    1. Ingredients: Wheat flour, maize starch, sugar, salt, baking powder.

    2. Instructions:

         Cake mix powder Muffin: 200g

         Add: - Liquid butter: 80g

                 - Egg: 2 eggs

                 - Water: 20ml (1 spoon)

         Step 1: Put cake mix powder Muffin, egg, water into the whisk and evenly mix at low speed of 1 minute and high speed of 2 minutes.

         Step 2: Put liquid butter into the mixture and mix at low speed  (1 minute) until the butter evenly melts in the powder.

         Step 3: Put the mixture into paper-lined mould. Bake the cake at temperature over 200oC - below 220oC for about 20 minutes.



    - The cake will be spongy, tasty, naturally flavored and enriched with nutrients.

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