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    Sponge Cake Mix Powder
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    - Step 1: Pour the Mikko bag into bowl. Add 2 more eggs and 2 table spoons of water or fresh milk.

    - Step 2:  Use the whisk to evenly stir up the mixture from low to higher speed.

             Speed 1: 2 minutes

             Speed 2: 1 minute

             To stir up the powder from the bottomfor complete dissolving of sugar then continue to stir.

             Speed 3: 2 minutes

             Speed 4: 2 minutes

    - Step 3: Pour the mixture into oil lined mould. With toaster of 26 liters, you should use the mould having diameter of 16 - 18 and height of 6 - 7cm

    - Step 4: To bake

             Temperature: 170 - 180oC

             Put the cake on the lowest compartment of the toaster until it is inflated with surface a little shrunk (about 20 - 25 minutes)

            Move the cake up to the middle compartment until it is completely baked (about 10 - 15 minutes)